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The Best Method for Getting free Cards in Coin Master

You may build the village of your dreams, take on foes, and utilize free daily spins to try your luck in the gorgeous world of Coin Master. In Coin Master, completing card sets is one of the greatest ways to advance swiftly. You receive a significant reward bonus every time you finish a card set, accelerating your advancement. Here are some suggestions on how to acquire such card sets without spending any money.

Ask the community for cards

Moon Active has created a dedicated area on Facebook where you can safely swap your unneeded cards for the ones you need, making it as simple as possible for you to do so.

Purchase card chests with extra money

Another excellent approach to obtaining additional free cards is through this. You can use your excess money to buy a chest after improving your town if you are unable to get any further upgrades. Purchasing the chests is not too pricey.

Card exchange for chests

Your chances of winning the necessary cards will increase if you use this trading strategy. A card chest is available in exchange for 75 duplicate cards. In contrast to trading with the community, this technique will prevent your library from quickly filling up.

Exchanges Among Friends

You can mail your pal the duplicate cards you have but don’t need. The cards you require can be sent to you by your pals using the same procedure.

Receive your daily incentives

Additionally, Moon Active’s daily links will provide you with a free Coin Master card each day. if you collect them each day, your collection will grow fast. Follow them on Facebook to see what goodies they have in store for you and to stay up to date on any official Coin Master promotions.

Wait till the card boom occurs

But waiting for a Card Boom and spending your money on many chests is one of the finest ways to get new cards. Card Booms are sporadic events that give you 50% more cards from every chest you uncover. They are limited-time events that frequently occur.

It’s a bright idea to hold onto any of the Card Chests until a Card Boom event if one is on the way. By doing so, you’ll get many the most out of the bonus event and raise your chances of gathering the right cards.

Take part in giveaways on social media

To trade or swap presents for cards, you are not just restricted to social media groups. A giveaway is organized by players from various groups for newcomers to receive gifts for nothing.


One of the most popular games on the market is called Coin Master. In Coin Master, the goal is to collect as many coins as you can, often by robbing Viking settlements and turning the wheel of fortune. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to advance in Coin Master is through finishing card sets. Use these pointers to finish your collections quickly.

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