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All Coin Master Events [Updated 2023]

Coin Master by Moon Active is the perfect mix of slots and battle royale. There is a tonne to discover for those who appreciate this fantastic blending of strategy and chance. The game events are one of them – and it’s fun to take part in!

Continue reading to discover more about some of the events you can take part in. 

Village Mania 

There are many benefits to participating in the Village Mania event. At this event, you will receive a discount on constructing your village. You can choose to receive 20% off on all your Village items or 65% off of all levels on the final item!

Attack Madness

Attacks are connected to this event. Every attack on a different Viking village during this event will advance your chances of winning! Every stage has higher objectives than the one before it, as well as higher rewards.

Sea Of Fortune

Sail on the sea to get more and unexpected rewards. You only need to keep an eye on “Greedy Octopus”. This event seems to be a small game. You are eligible to enter this event at every level, and you will receive four crates of wood in this situation.

You have two choices if, unfortunately, you crash on an octopus. 

  1. Use coins to skip the trap and carry on playing. 
  2. Put an end to this luck with no benefits.

Village Master

The finest occasion to recognize your achievement in the Coin Master game is now. When you progress through your levels or improve, you’ll receive extra rewards. The more progress you make, the more incentives you’ll get.

Bet Blast 

Bet Blast is back and you can bet on resources, prizes and in-game money. To win your wager and collect your earnings, you must complete the activities you bet on. These include raiding your rivals or finishing a stage in the game’s Bet Blast event.

Coin Craze 

True to its name, this Coin Craze event will increase the interest in coins. Your coins get a multiplier after this event. 

When a slot machine has a gold button, you can obtain a lot of coins by spinning, raiding, and attacking the settlements of other players. Your gold spin button will revert back to normal when this event is over.

Gold Card Trade

Complete the card collection is the coin master game’s main goal. This event is ideal for you, together with your friends, to assist with that goal.

In this particular event, which is displayed in the pop-up, players may exchange up to two gold cards.

Balloon Frenzy

On your screen, while this event is in action, balloons will appear at random. Tap each balloon once to receive the prize inside.

Raid Madness

Similar to how the Attack Madness event works, so do this one. Each time you conduct a raid on a settlement belonging to a different Viking, a progress meter steadily fills up. When the progress meter reaches the top, you receive a unique reward.

Cards for Chests

You can trade in your duplicate cards for chests during this momentary event. Each chest has a chance to contain additional cards, free spins, pet food, or pet XP.

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