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Everything About Coin Master Chests

Chests are one of its many features, among others. If you want to learn more about coin master chests and have no idea what they are, continue reading. 

What are Coin Master Chests? 

Coin Master chests are loot boxes acquired through gameplay. Coins, bonus spins, cards, pet experience points, or pet food could all be found in any given chest. There are numerous varieties of Coin Master chests. The higher the chest’s level, the greater the likelihood that a high-level item would drop from it.

By using your in-game currency to purchase coins, you can purchase chests. Additionally, you might obtain a chest by finishing a village or by excavating a hole during a raid. There are primarily three sorts of chests:

There are two cards in the wooden chest, four in the golden chest, and eight in the magical chest.

Wooden Chest

As we previously stated, there are just two cards in this chest, and they are less expensive. Typically, the cards receive 2 or 3 stars. This chest is available after village 3.

You can draw cards at random from this chest, so you might acquire duplicates of cards you already own or you can draw brand-new cards.

Additionally, you may have a chance to receive 5-star cards from this, although the likelihood is low, it is only about 2%.

Golden Chest

There are 4 cards in the golden chest. In this chest, you can find cards with three or four stars as a reward. You can obtain the golden chest after village 3, however, it costs more than a wooden chest.

Magical Chest

The price of the magical chest is higher than that of the other chests. Golden Chest costs half as much as Magical Chest. It is also available after village 3, has eight cards, and is available.

Cards with 3, 4, and 5 stars are possible to find in this chest. Like other chests, you can have all the cards dealt at random. However, your chances of receiving fresh golden cards are 90%.

Other Chests 

The three major coin master chests are wooden, golden, and magical, although there are a few others that hold cards, spins, pet XP, and pet goodies as rewards. Some of the other chests are: 

Emerald Chest

In this chest, you can receive Pet XP as a reward. Additionally, there are cards, and spins, and this chest opens at village number 20. There are four cards in all in this chest.

Sapphire Chest

The prizes for pet XP are also given via this chest, which opens at village level 70 and contains a total of 6 cards.

Mystery chest

Along with cards, it offers spin rewards and pet food. It features a total of 6 cards. Most significantly, this chest is the only place to find the extremely rare Joker Card. There is a 10% chance of winning this card.

You might be thinking at this point that purchasing more chests will make it simpler to finish card collections and advance to higher towns. Despite the fact that this is often true, just collecting chests isn’t the most efficient approach to advance.

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